enero 27, 2020

France-based back-end developer

We are looking for a back-end developer to grow our development team, and work on implementing new Software Heritage features according to project roadmap and specifications provided by the management team,
maintaining a healthy code base using state-of-the-art software development best practices (DVCS, continuous integration, unit tests, refactoring, documentation, code review, etc.). This position also involve actively participating in the FOSS communities of software components used by Software Heritage, and in the design of the architecture of upcoming components of the Software Heritage software ecosystem.

The job should be worked on-site at Inria’s Paris headquarters. Remote work at one of the many Inria research centers in France might be an option, depending on the candidate and on their willingness to visit headquarters on a regular basis.

Full details of this job offer, and guidelines for a formal application can be found on this Inria web page. Please systematically contact us at before and after making an application.

enero 27, 2020