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Software Heritage is building the universal software source code archive, that  enables a wealth of applications, in the realms of academia, cultural heritage, industry and public administration. We are looking for enthusiastic organizations and individuals to volunteer as ambassadors to help grow the Software Heritage community. 

Become a Software Heritage ambassador to support this effort in your area by:

  • presenting Software Heritage, the services it provides, and its long term mission to key persons in your area
  • sharing information with relevant mailing lists, venues and contacts
  • posting Software Heritage news on blogs and social media
  • identifying code hosting platforms in your area that it is urgent and important to archive
  • updating the Software Heritage team with your community’s feedback

Software Heritage will offer support to ambassadors by:

  • Sharing selected relevant material for their specific area
  • Providing access to the Software Heritage team 
  • Acknowledging ambassador’s name and affiliated organization
  • Shipping promotional material

Here are a few examples of what ambassadors can do in each of the main areas.

  • Show how archiving source code in Software Heritage helps public administrations become more transparent and accountable
  • Explain the importance of collecting, curating and sharing the public source code from public administrations worldwide
  • Share good practices and promote them in government fora

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