janvier 20, 2017



Pythagoras prohibited his disciples to divulge his theories : mathematics was born in secrecy.

However, the philosophers of the « Greek miracle » considered that ideas, the universal ones, belonged to all and should be shared freely. Our civilisation values the sharing of knowledge because it helps the growth of our human race: we created librairies both to foster the evolution of science and to preserve our knowledge.

In the digital era we have to do it all over again : while there are many who seek fortune by keeping closed knowledge like Pythagoras theories, we don’t seem yet to care for keeping the inestimable heritage wich our freedom lies upon and
which the continuity of our free and universal knowledge depends on: free software.

Until Software Heritage.

To those who had the idea of preserving this heritage, to those who had the intelligence to encourage them, to those who had the power to make this magnificent project a reality, to all those people, the future generations will own so much: humanity cannot afford to create artificial rarities just in the interest of a happy few.

I thank openly, on the behalf of future generations for what they are doing with Software Heritage : one of the most intelligent projects of History.

— François Elie, President, Adullact

janvier 20, 2017