Rapports Annuels

Software Heritage in 2022: full speed ahead

As we enter 2023, we publish, as usual, our annual report on the past year. We are excited to announce that this is now available as a → standalone document ←, making it easier to grasp the breadth of the mission, follow the progress made and share it with a […]

février 14, 2023

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Software Heritage in 2021: five years already!

Despite the health crisis we have been experiencing since March 2020, Software Heritage pursues its mission of collecting, preserving and sharing software source code, which started many years ago and was unveiled to the public on June 30th 2016. Expanding the archive: a collective effort The archive is growing steadily, […]

janvier 5, 2022

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Software Heritage in 2020: looking beyond the crisis

The year that has passed since we posted our last activity report is a very special one: humankind has been confronted with a global crisis that young generations have never seen the equivalent before, but it is not the first time we are confronted with such a challenge, and it […]

janvier 7, 2021

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Software Heritage in 2019: a progress report

Pursuing our mission to collect, preserve and share the source code of all software ever written, 2019 was a year of great achievements for Software Heritage. Today is a good time to look back and talk about what has been accomplished in 2019 since our last activity report, and give […]

décembre 31, 2019

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Opening up to the world, and full speed ahead

Our ambition is to collect, preserve, and share the source code of all software ever written. In the very intense year 2018 that has passed since our last activity report we have moved forward at a steady pace, and now is a good moment to recall the key accomplishments, putting […]

décembre 28, 2018

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Getting up to speed, clear sky ahead

One year has passed after we posted our first activity report, and it is now a good time to look at what was accomplished in 2017, and give some perspective on the future. Our mission and our principles Here at Software Heritage, we are taking over the mission of collecting, […]

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