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Software Heritage is developed transparently and collaboratively. We release all the software we develop as Free/Open Source Software (FOSS). We encourage bug reports and code contributions from everyone interested in pursuing our software preservation mission.



Where our software development happens: git repositories, issue and bug tracker, code reviews, and more.

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Where you will find developer-oriented documentation such as architecture, tutorials, and API docs.

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Mailing list

Technical discussions about Software Heritage happen on the public swh-devel mailing list.

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Our development community hangs out on the #swh-devel chat room, which is accessible via Matrix.

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Where we collect public, community-curated information about Software Heritage and its development.

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True to our Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) roots, we develop Software Heritage as openly as materially possible. We release all our software under well known Free/Open Source Software licenses. Our typical licenses of choice are:

  • AGPLv3+ for public-facing services on the Internet
  • GPLv3+ for backend code and services
  • Apache 2 for Puppet code and recipes

Code of Conduct

Participation in the development and other activities of Software Heritage is subject to our Code of Conduct. We strive to keep our community welcoming and will not tolerate misconduct of any kind. If you encounter issues while interacting with our development community, please contact us.