octobre 6, 2020

Post-doc researcher position now open!

Software Heritage’s mission is to collect, preserve and share the source code of all publicly available software, and in doing so, it is creating a one of a kind knowledge base about software development.

The scientific community is increasingly interested in the new opportunities that this knowledge base creates for research, and we are delighted to announce that  a post-doctoral research position is being funded by Microsoft and Inria.

Yes, we are hiring a postdoctoral researcher on Large-scale Reproducibility and Replicability in Empirical Software Engineering topic.

The new team member will work on identifying, via a systematic literature review, major results in the field of empirical software engineering that can be replicated in a reasonable amount of time at the scale of the Software Heritage archive. But also on reproducing  (or replicating) the selected studies on the largest possible subset of it. The post-doc researcher will be working on documenting the results of each replication experiment and presenting the results at scientific meetings.

More details and application instructions are available on our jobs page.

Do not hesitate in applying to be part of Software Heritage’s team, and spread the news!



octobre 6, 2020