Marla da Silva

The 2024 Roadmap Unveiled: A Vision for Software Heritage

The essential mission at Software Heritage is to build the long-term universal source code archive, by collecting, preserving and sharing the source code of all software publicly available. Since the beginning, we have faced complex technical challenges to build a robust, scalable and resilient infrastructure. 2023 has been a decisive […]

avril 9, 2024

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Meet our 1st ambassador in 2024, Baptiste Mélès

We are delighted to introduce our 1st ambassador in 2024. Baptiste Mélès is a researcher at the Henri-Poincaré Archives, in a unit dedicated to philosophy and research on science and technology. Therefore, a significant part of his job is to study source code, using a philosophical, linguistic and historical approach. […]

avril 2, 2024

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« Towards Preserving Digital Culture »: an interview series by Camille Françoise

Our Software Heritage ambassador Camille Françoise published the « Towards Preserving Digital Culture » interview series, highlighting experts with different backgrounds and perspectives, in order to collectively advocate for software preservation. The interview series is published in Medium. ⚠️👀🤐 Spoiler alert: this addictive series contains also reading recommendations from Camille Françoise’s guests. […]

mars 26, 2024

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The 2024 Software Heritage Community Workshop

On January 31st, 2024, members of the Software Heritage community came together at the Inria research center in Paris, France. This gathering, a prelude to the 2024 Symposium, was a chance for people from various backgrounds – developers, curators, librarians, open source advocates, and researchers from around the world – […]

mars 21, 2024

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Highlights of the 2024 Software Heritage Symposium

We’re excited to share the news that the Software Heritage Symposium 2024 materials are now accessible online: those who couldn’t join us in person for our annual event on February 1st, 2024 will now find video recordings of all sessions and the detailed slide decks from our speakers on the […]

mars 12, 2024

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Software Heritage in 2023: a perspective

As we enter 2024, we publish, as usual, our annual report on the past year, and like last year this is now available as a → standalone document ←, making it easier to grasp the breadth of the mission, follow the progress made and share it with a broader audience. The […]

février 1, 2024

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Meet our 10th ambassador in 2023, Wendy Hagenmaier

We are delighted to introduce our 10th ambassador in 2023, Wendy Hagenmaier! Wendy Hagenmaier is the Software Preservation Program Manager at Yale University Library, where she leads the Emulation-as-a-Service Infrastructure (EaaSI) program to empower the widespread use of emulation for interaction with software, computer systems, collections, and data. The Yale […]

décembre 28, 2023

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Viewpoints on software in research at the Gustave Eiffel University

Software Heritage, the persistent source-code archive: what is it and how to use it?

Interview with Céline Rousselot and Joenio Marques da Costa On Nov. 13th, 2023, our ambassador Joenio Marques da Costa delivered a talk during a session of “Rendez-vous Data”, by “Data Univ Eiffel”, the data and software management cluster implemented at Gustave Eiffel University. This local cluster is part of the French […]

décembre 12, 2023

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Meet our 9th ambassador in 2023, Frédéric Santos

We are delighted to introduce our 9th ambassador in 2023, Frédéric Santos! After a master’s degree in applied mathematics, Frédéric has been working since 2010 as a data analyst in PACEA, a research laboratory in archaeological sciences at the CNRS and University of Bordeaux. His research activities are focused on […]

décembre 5, 2023

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Hugging Face

Les données sont le moteur de l’apprentissage automatique moderne et le fondement de chaque grand modèle de langage. Software Heritage nous permet de collecter de grandes quantités de code pour former des modèles de langage de pointe, en particulier pour le code. En même temps, leurs principes garantissent que les […]

décembre 4, 2023

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