ENEA opens the first Software Heritage Mirror

We are excited to announce that ENEA, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, has successfully deployed the first mirror as part of the Software Heritage Mirror Network. This significant development marks a crucial step towards preserving and protecting our software commons. You can visit the ENEA mirror today, available […]

décembre 14, 2023

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Viewpoints on software in research at the Gustave Eiffel University

Software Heritage, the persistent source-code archive: what is it and how to use it?

Interview with Céline Rousselot and Joenio Marques da Costa On Nov. 13th, 2023, our ambassador Joenio Marques da Costa delivered a talk during a session of “Rendez-vous Data”, by “Data Univ Eiffel”, the data and software management cluster implemented at Gustave Eiffel University. This local cluster is part of the French national network of clusters dedicated […]

décembre 12, 2023

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Connecting publications and software with SoFAIR

We are thrilled to share the news that Software Heritage is participating in the SoFAIR project, awarded through the CHISTERA Open Research Data & Software Call. This collaborative initiative is geared towards elevating the discoverability and reusability of open research software, aligning with our commitment to advancing the accessibility of software source code artifacts. The […]

décembre 8, 2023

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FAIR-IMPACT European project, launched in June 2022, has the role to support and disseminate FAIR-enabling practices, tools and services across scientific communities at a European, national and international level. In this project, Inria is leading a specific task in the Metadata and Ontologies work package called Standard Metadata for Research Software with the goal to […]

décembre 7, 2023

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Meet our 9th ambassador in 2023, Frédéric Santos

We are delighted to introduce our 9th ambassador in 2023, Frédéric Santos! After a master’s degree in applied mathematics, Frédéric has been working since 2010 as a data analyst in PACEA, a research laboratory in archaeological sciences at the CNRS and University of Bordeaux. His research activities are focused on statistical methods allowing for establishing […]

décembre 5, 2023

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Hugging Face

Data is the powerhouse of modern machine learning and the foundation of every large language model. The Software Heritage archive allows us to collect vast amounts of code to train state-of-the-art large language models, especially for code. At the same time, their principles ensure that the resulting models benefit all of humanity: the models are […]

décembre 4, 2023

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Software Heritage officially selected for the 5th SCOSS pledging campaign

We are excited to announce that the Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services (SCOSS) board has selected Software Heritage for its next pledging round, recognizing Software Heritage as a crucial open science infrastructure ensuring continuous access to the software code outputs generated by researchers worldwide. We look forward to seeing SCOSS members join the […]

novembre 21, 2023

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#swMATH archives the source code developed by mathematicians in Software Heritage!

Modern mathematical research goes beyond conventional publications, encompassing a substantial collection of knowledge embedded in software source code. In recognition of the importance of preserving this wealth of information and in the spirit of encouraging an Open Science ecosystem, a partnership has been established between Software Heritage and the swMATH portal. The swMATH portal serves […]

novembre 2, 2023

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Unveiling the Amaya Story: A Pioneering Web Browser and Editor

We are delighted to present a new Landmark Legacy Software Story to Inria’s stories collection: the story of the web browser and editor Amaya.  Preserving landmark legacy software Software Heritage’s mission is to collect, preserve and share all software source code. Within this mission, there is a category of software which had a profound impact […]

octobre 26, 2023

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Software Heritage Statement on Large Language Models for Code

Our mission at Software Heritage is to collect, preserve, and make publicly available the entire body of software, in the preferred form for making modifications to it. We consider that publicly available source code, and even more so Free and Open  Source Software (FOSS), is a digital commons that embodies decades of human creative effort. […]

octobre 19, 2023

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