enero 20, 2017

The Document Foundation

Software is deeply entrenched in our life, and is the tool we use to create, access and share our culture. Software has become a fundamental component of society, and must be preserved for future generations through each stage of its evolution.

At The Document Foundation, we are so convinced of the importance of software as a tool to perpetuate human knowledge that we have launched a project—The Document Liberation Project—to save legacy documents from oblivion by making them accessible to tools like LibreOffice and converting them to ODF, the standard Open Document Format.

In addition to its similar role providing access to software-mediated cultural history, the Software Heritage project is also extremely important for the future of software, as it will help new generations of hackers to understand the challenges faced by their predecessors, and study the solutions that they have implemented along the history of Free Software and Open Source.

— Marina Latini, Chairwoman of the Board, The Document Foundation

enero 20, 2017