diciembre 21, 2021

Seventeen Software Heritage Ambassadors in 2021

The stated mission of Software Heritage is to build the universal software source code archive,  enabling a wealth of applications in academia, cultural heritage, industry and public administration. This is a humbling undertaking, and will only succeed if a large community teams up to contribute to it.

The Software Heritage ambassador program was launched a year ago to help building and animating this community: ambassadors spread the word, ease adoption and give assistance with different projects and stakeholders.

We are delighted to see that in this first year 17 ambassadors from around the world and with different backgrounds have come onboard: you can find out more about them in the dedicated ambassador program page.

We would like to thank each one of them for their energy and engagement.

You can help too!

If you wish to volunteer as an ambassador to help grow the community, check out the Software Heritage ambassadors program and apply on the appropriate form. Here is a quick answer to some questions you may have about that.

Do I need a strong technical background to become an ambassador?

Not really: the key prerequisite is enthusiasm for the mission and time to get acquainted with what Software Heritage is and the services it provides.

A technical background will be helpful to read technical documentation and try out some of the more advanced features, but source code archival is a cross-domain, cross-expertise concern, and we need volunteers from all horizons.

What can I do as an ambassador?

  • Present Software Heritage, the services it provides, and its long term mission to key persons in your area
  • Share information with relevant mailing lists, venues and contacts
  • Post Software Heritage news on blogs and social media
  • Identify code hosting platforms in your area that it is urgent and important to archive
  • Identify contacts, working groups, initiatives or organizations that can collaborate on the SWH mission
  • Update the Software Heritage team with your community’s feedback

We look forward to working with interested volunteers to build a vast and stable community.


diciembre 21, 2021