avril 14, 2022

What you wanted to know about Software Heritage, and never dared to ask

You have a question about Software Heritage, and look for an answer? We are delighted to announce that starting from today you can refer to a new, rich and evolving FAQ page.  

In 2021, we gathered 19 ambassadors who helped identify the most recurring questions in their community regarding software source code archival, and this resulted in a very rich and detailed collaborative document. With the team, we curated the questions, collected answers and structured all this into a coherent document.

In 2021 we organized three mini-sprints that were dedicated to the Software Heritage documentation and helped us create different pages to help people when visiting, using or contributing to the Software Heritage project.

As a result, now you have access to a broad panel of resources about Software Heritage, that complement the FAQ page:

You too can get involved and help in this documentation effort: there is a tutorial that explains how to contribute to the documentation and one of the projects in the outreachy program is “Extend the developer and user documentation of Software Heritage”.


avril 14, 2022