Software Heritage and GNU Guix join forces to enable long term reproducibility

Our mission is to collect, preserve, and share the source code of all software that is publicly available, including its full development history. To this end, we already periodically fetch and archive source code from a growing set of origins: release tarballs from the GNU servers, repositories from GitHub, packages from PyPI, and much more. […]

abril 18, 2019

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Software Heritage participating organization of Google Summer of Code 2019

We are excited to announce that Software Heritage has been chosen as one of Google Summer of Code 2019 participating organization. Google Summer of Code is a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development. During their Summer break, students work with an open source organization on a 3 month […]

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You can «save code now»!

A enu reading "Features," "Search," "Vault," and "Save code now."

Software Heritage is now open for your source code submissions!   Search engines use something called a Web crawler to systematically «crawl,» or look through, the Web in order to create indexes that can be searched through. In order to populate the Software Heritage Archive we also use a crawler, but unfortunately, unlike for usual […]

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Opening up to the world, and full speed ahead

Our ambition is to collect, preserve, and share the source code of all software ever written. In the very intense year 2018 that has passed since our last activity report we have moved forward at a steady pace, and now is a good moment to recall the key accomplishments, putting them in perspective in the […]

diciembre 28, 2018

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Welcoming FossID as the first member of the Software Heritage mirror network

We are excited to announce today that FossID, one of our early sponsors, has decided to work with us to establish the first independent mirror of the Software Heritage archive, a very important step forward in making Software Heritage a resilient common infrastructure. A mission at the service of humankind The clearly stated mission of […]

diciembre 7, 2018

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GitLab joins the Archive

GitLab, a major web-based, public git repository forge, is now fully archived into the Software Heritage archive. We will continue to periodically update this section of the archive, to keep it up-to-date with changes pushed to repositories hosted on GitLab is used by NASA, CERN, and the GNOME Foundation. The software powering is […]

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Read about us in CACM

We had an article published in the October 2018 edition of Communications of the ACM. Communications of the ACM is the Association of Computing Machinery’s print and online publication. With over 100,000 ACM members receiving Communications, it is one of the «leading print and online publication for the computing and information technology fields.» «Building the […]

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PyPI Available on Software Heritage

The PyPI logo, including the text "Python Package Index."

We’re pleased to share that the Python Package Index (PyPI) is now integrated with Software Heritage: all PyPI packages have been archived and PyPI is now being tracked to timely archive new Python package releases as they become available. PyPI is a volunteer run repository of nearly 1.5 million Python packages. All of these packages are now also […]

octubre 10, 2018

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