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[ TL;DR: you can now donate to support our work! ] Software is at the heart of our digital society and embodies a growing part of our scientific, technical and organisational knowledge, to the point that we can say it is now part of our cultural heritage. The Software Heritage project’s stated mission is to ensure that this […]

abril 20, 2018

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Getting up to speed, clear sky ahead

One year has passed after we posted our first activity report, and it is now a good time to look at what was accomplished in 2017, and give some perspective on the future. Our mission and our principles Here at Software Heritage, we are taking over the mission of collecting, preserving, and sharing the source […]

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Software Heritage: a white paper

The initial flurry of activities related to unveiling the project, getting it up and running at a technical level, and networking with all our initial partners and allies didn’t leave us much «calm time» to sit down and write about it for the broader digital preservation community. We are happy to report that earlier on in […]

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Raising awareness for Software Source Code preservation and access

Today, at Unesco’s headquarters in Paris, a formal partnership agreement has been signed between Unesco and Inria to establish a framework for collaboration on preserving the knowledge embedded in software source code, and making it widely available. These are two key pillars of our mission here at Software Heritage, and we are extremely excited to see […]

abril 4, 2017

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List the content of your favorite forge in just a few steps

Back in November 2016, Nicolas Dandrimont wrote about structural code changes leading to a massive (+15 million!) upswing in the number of repositories archived by Software Heritage through a combination of automatic linkage between the listing and loading scheduler, new understanding of how to deal with extremely large repository hosts like GitHub, and activating a […]

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Opening the archive, one API (and one FOSDEM) at a time

Today we open our public API, allowing to programmatically browse the Software Heritage archive. As we are posting this, Roberto and Stefano are keynoting at FOSDEM 2017, to discuss the role Software Heritage plays in preserving the Free Software commons. To accompany the talk today we release our first public API, which allows to navigate the entire content […]

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Visiting Chile to spread our vision

In the second week of january, we were invited to participate to the «Congreso del Futuro«, a remarkable, one of a kind event organised in Santiago de Chile once a year to connect society with all areas of science and knowledge. It was impressive to see people of all kind standing in long queues under […]

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We have come a long way, and the road ahead

We unveiled the Software Heritage initiative exactly six month ago, on June 30th, 2016. Now it seems a good time to look back at the origin of the project, where we started, what we have accomplished up to now, and get a glimpse of the future. A (not so long) time ago… The first informal discussions […]

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