Identifying billions of digital objects : a whitepaper

In the very broad scope addressed by digital preservation initiatives, a special place belongs to the scientific and technical artifacts that we need to properly archive to enable scientific reproducibility. For these artifacts we need identifiers that are not only unique and persistent, but also support integrity in an intrinsic way. They must provide strong […]

septembre 24, 2018

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Browsing the Software Heritage archive: a guided tour

The Software Heritage mission is to collect, preserve, and share the source code from all publicly available software. An important milestone for the project was enabling access and browsing of the Software Heritage archive, and a year ago we made a first step forward by enabling programmatic access via a RESTful API. On June 7th […]

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Software preservation: a stepping stone for software citation

This blog post was originally published on Generation R ( In recent years software has become a legitimate product of research gaining more attention from the scholarly ecosystem  than ever before, and researchers feel increasingly the need to cite the software they use or produce.  Unfortunately, there is no well established best practice for doing […]

juin 25, 2018

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Opening the doors of the Software Heritage archive

Software is all around us: it powers our industry, fuels innovation, supports scientific research and lies at the heart of our societies. The mission of Software Heritage is to collect, preserve, and make readily available the source code of all software ever written, building an essential infrastructure at the service of cultural heritage, science, industry, and society as […]

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Qwant est fier d’être partenaire du projet Software Heritage qui représente une chance formidable de préserver et de promouvoir ce bien commun qu’est le logiciel libre. Les logiciels que l’humanité développe sont des témoignages essentiels des savoir-faire de notre époque et de la manière dont nous collaborons pour résoudre les problèmes que nous identifions. Nous […]

juin 5, 2018

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We’re hiring: back-end developer

Our archive keeps growing, … and our team is following! We’re now hiring a back-end developer, full-time, to grow our Paris-based team. The person who will fill the position will help Software Heritage fulfilling its software preservation mission by extending archive coverage and rolling out several user-facing features that allow to access and exploit all […]

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Donate to Software Heritage!

[ TL;DR: you can now donate to support our work! ] Software is at the heart of our digital society and embodies a growing part of our scientific, technical and organisational knowledge, to the point that we can say it is now part of our cultural heritage. The Software Heritage project’s stated mission is to ensure that this […]

avril 20, 2018

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Getting up to speed, clear sky ahead

One year has passed after we posted our first activity report, and it is now a good time to look at what was accomplished in 2017, and give some perspective on the future. Our mission and our principles Here at Software Heritage, we are taking over the mission of collecting, preserving, and sharing the source […]

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