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DISI, Università di Bologna

« Software is at the basis of most modern science. The reproducibility of scientific results and the whole concept of scientific research is deeply linked with the preservation and the study of software, in source code. We are committed to study the software, in its many forms, properties and effects. As […]

mars 14, 2017

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Computer History Museum

Software source code is a form of literature, written by humans to be read by humans as well as machines. It gives us a view into the mind of the designer, and studying code can teach us both historical and practical lessons. The Software Heritage project to collect, preserve, and share all publicly available […]

février 24, 2017

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From its inception, GANDI has supported open-source projects, including notably VLC, Ubuntu, Gnome, and CaliOpen. GANDI’s primary focus is providing new, high-performance solutions for its customers while at the same time sharing the knowledge and solutions developed in doing so with the open-source community. As such, the Software Heritage project is an  effort of […]

février 3, 2017

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Job Opportunity: Senior Web Developer

Update 2016-12-09: we’re still hiring for this position. We are happy to announce that we’re hiring to grow our Paris-based technical team and further pursue the Software Heritage mission. In particular, we are now looking for a senior web developer to lead the design and implementation of the web-based user interface to the Software Heritage Archive. Detailed job description and […]

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