April 8, 2021

A peek under the hood with the 2021 Roadmap

Our mission at Software Heritage is to build the long term universal source code archive, by collecting, preserving and sharing the source code of all software publicly available.

This ambitious undertaking requires tackling significant technical challenges that are,  like for many global scale services used daily worldwide, hidden behind a simple, easy to use interface that provides the user with the expected functionality. Behind the scenes, though, a very complex machinery is at work, and it requires enormous, albeit hidden, efforts in order to keep the illusion of the simple and seamless operation we are now all accustomed to expect.

Reading through this blog, one can find a few hints at what is going on under the hood, like the recent post about the next generation object storage. This year we decided to go the extra mile, by publishing the Software Heritage 2021 technical roadmap, a document that provides an overview of what we are planning to do in eight key areas: Collect, Preserve, Share, Organize, Measurement, Documentation, Community and Tooling.

The 2021 Technical Roadmap will also give you a hint of the many new functionalities that are being currently developed, and that are not yet in production. It may also help you find areas where you can contribute to the mission: for some tasks, we even have some limited funding available.

April 8, 2021