Software Heritage has been founded by Inria in 2015.

We thank the following early partners for having already committed their support to Software Heritage:

“We are aware of the code’s value for our digital transformation, it has become a major asset for the bank and we firmly believe that we must preserve it in the long term. Open Source lies at the heart of our strategy, as it is in line with our needs and our values: team spirit, innovation, responsibility and commitment to better serve our clients .

That is why we are proud to support Software Heritage.”

Jean-Sébastien Goetschy – Group Chief Enterprise Architecture officer

“Microsoft has been involved in open source initiatives by enabling, integrating, releasing and contributing to many open source projects and communities for well over a decade. We applaud the Software Heritage as an open project that will help curate and conserve human knowledge in the form of code for future generations as well as help today’s generations of developers find and re-use code worldwide. 

We are proud to be one of the first industry partners for this initiative and to provide the Azure infrastructure to ensure the data is highly available.”

— Jean Paoli, General Manager at Microsoft Corp

Intel has been at the forefront of open source development for nearly two decades and today is a top contributor to the Linux kernel, as well as dozens of leading projects across technology markets and industries.
Intel is committed to support Software Heritage in its mission to collect, preserve and share code, as we believe open source is critical in transforming our world through innovation in enterprise, consumer technology, the Internet of Things and beyond.

— Imad Sousou, VP, general manager of the Intel Open Source Technology Center

“Huawei’s vision is to build a better connected world.  Huawei is also a very active contributor to the rapidly growing global open source software community. Software is a core area of research at Huawei’s France Research Center in Paris.

We are proud to be one of the first industry sponsors for this new Software Heritage initiative, and we look forward to participating in its activities in the coming years.”

                                   — Bill McColl, Director of Distributed Algorithms lab –  Huawei France Research Center

“Software Sustainability is one of the core elements to accelerate discovery. Reproducibility of scientific results, but also reusability and findability of software are core principles in science DANS seeks to support. We are committed to long-time preservation of scientific information and are delighted to be the first international academic partner to support the mission of Software Heritage.”

— Peter Doorn, Director of DANS.

“Software is redefining the whole information and communication infrastructure, and embodies a growing amount of scientific and technical knowledge that is essential for the very existence of our modern societies. It is a core component of the innovation world today. We fully support the goals of the Software Heritage initiative, that is building a universal archive to preserve, organize, trace and share the software we all depend upon.”

Jean-Luc Beylat President, Nokia Bell Labs France

“Software is at the basis of most modern science. The reproducibility of scientific results and the whole concept of scientific research is deeply linked with the preservation and the study of software, in source code. We are committed to study the software, in its many forms, properties and effects.  As a department of the oldest university in the western world, we are delighted to support the initiative, allowing our children and grandchildren to have access to this heritage, as our fathers and grandfathers passed us their libraries and laboratories.”

Simone Martini, Director, DISI

Pursuing our software preservation mission requires significant resources. We welcome companies, institutions, or individuals who would like to join our sponsorship program and sustain Software Heritage.