Browser extensions

UpdateSWH: check and update archival of a repository

This handy browser extension allows you to seamlessly check if a repository that you are browsing is archived and uptodate in Software Heritage.

The color coded tab on the right of the browser indicates if it is uptodate (green), in which case clicking on the button opens a tab on the corresponding page of the archive (very practical if you want to get a SWHID permalink), missing (grey) or not up to date (yellow), in which case clicking on the tab triggers a save code now request. You can also ask the extension to open up a new tab to inspect the save request (this is configurable in the extension option page, click on the icon in the browser bar to access it).

A red color indicates that the API request of information for the repository did not succeed: this happens typically when one is visiting a repository that is not publicly accessible, and hence cannot be archived.