Job openings

Below you can find a list of job profiles which we are currently looking for.

In addition to them, or if no profile is currently listed, we also welcome spontaneous job applications. If you are passionate about mission and want to be part of it, please email and let us know how we can do great things together.

Current openings

Paris-based full-time devops engineer

We are looking for a senior devops engineer with either strong (Python) programming skills and a pronounced interest in (GNU/Linux) system administration or strong system administration skills and backend programming experience, to grow our operations team. The team is in charge of guaranteeing reliability of our day-by-day archiving activities, integrity of the Software Heritage archive in collaboration with mirror operators, and maintaining an efficient development environment for our developers.

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Postdoc researcher on software provenance

We are looking for a Paris-based postdoctoral researcher to perform large-scale, big data analysis on the Software Heritage graph—a giant Merkle DAG with ~20 billion nodes and ~200 billion edges—for the purpose of tracking the provenance of software source code artifacts, such as source code files and commits, as captured by state-of-the art distributed version control systems (VCSs).

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