Software [is our] Heritage

Software is fragile

unlike words carved in stone it can be deleted or get corrupted

Software is the key

to access information and a fundamental part of human heritage

Software Heritage

preserves software source code for present and future generations

We are building the universal software archive


We collect and preserve software in source code form, because software embodies our technical and scientific knowledge and humanity cannot afford the risk of losing it.

Software is a precious part of our cultural heritage. We curate and make accessible all the software we collect, because only by sharing it we can guarantee its preservation in the very long term.

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Do we already have your code?

We harvest publicly available source code from many software projects and keep up with development happening there. As of today our archive already contains and keeps safe for you:

Source files

Are you a coder? Would you like to know more about how the archive works and contribute?

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It concerns all of us. And you can help!

Software is so pervasive in our lives that its preservation concerns all of us. Our mission and the archive we are building will serve the needs of the many, from cultural institutions to scientists and industries.

Everyone can help us achieving these ambitious goals.


Software is an important part of human production. It is also a key enabler for salvaging our entire digital heritage.

We collect, preserve, and make accessible source code for the benefits of present and future generations.

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Science relies more and more on software. To guarantee scientific reproducibility we need to preserve it.

Amassing source code at this scale will be challenging, but will also enable the next generation of software studies.

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Software is present in all industrial processes and products.

The universal source code archive we are building will help industry with provenance tracking, long-term archival, and software bill of materials.

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We are not alone in the belief that software preservation is of paramount importance for our society. World renowned international organizations, individuals, and companies have already expressed their support for the mission of Software Heritage.

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