September 15, 2022

Happy Ten Years anniversary, Guix!

Our mission is to collect, preserve, and share the source code of all software that is publicly available, including its full development history.

A few years ago, we announced the first results of a collaboration with GNU Guix, which was a stepping stone for the long-term reproducibility of research software. This collaboration is still going strong and today we are delighted to celebrate 10 years of Guix!

To celebrate it and share knowledge and enthusiasm, a birthday event will take place from tomorrow September 16 to 18th, 2022, in Paris, France.

During the event, Software Heritage’s team will be presenting Software Heritage to the rescue of reproducible science” and “Archive, reference, describe and cite software source code: a pathway to reproducibility”.

Registration for the in-person event is now closed, but talks will be live-streamed.

Happy 10 years anniversary, Guix!

September 15, 2022