May 26, 2023

Software Heritage and Computer Graphics Replicability Stamp Initiative Collaborate to Ensure Open and Reproducible Science

We are pleased to announce that the Computer Graphic Replicability Stamp Initiative (GRSI) platform has adopted Software Heritage to archive and reference research software. Since 2016, the GRSI is an initiative of researchers from the computer graphics community supported by a growing list of publishers, journals, and conferences in this area (including ACM TOG, IEEE TVCG, Wiley CGF, Elsevier C&G, CAGD and CAD). The GRSI aims at promoting replicable and reproducible research.
Starting in 2023, the Replicability Stamp has partnered with Software Heritage, a non-profit organization dedicated to collecting, preserving, and sharing all publicly available software in source code form. When a code is accepted for the Replicability Stamp, it relies on Software Heritage to create a snapshot of the project and references the accepted version with the corresponding SWHID, an intrinsic cryptographic identifier.

With SWHID now available on the Replicability Stamp platform, researchers can easily and reliably link to the archived source code of their accepted work, ensuring that it remains accessible and reproducible over time.

At Software Heritage, we are excited to support the Computer Graphics Replicability Stamp mission of promoting replicable and reproducible research and look forward to continuing to expand this collaboration in the future.

May 26, 2023