December 14, 2023

ENEA opens the first Software Heritage Mirror

We are excited to announce that ENEA, the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, has successfully deployed the first mirror as part of the Software Heritage Mirror Network. This significant development marks a crucial step towards preserving and protecting our software commons.

You can visit the ENEA mirror today, available at .

The Software Heritage Mirror network

Software Heritage archives, collects, preserves and makes accessible the source code of all publicly available software in the world, building a modern Library of Alexandria of software source code. An important part of Software Heritage’s strategy is the development of an international network of mirrors, implemented using a variety of storage technologies, running in various administrative domains, controlled by different institutions, and located in different jurisdictions. The mirror network will provide much higher resilience than multiple copies under our own administrative control.

In our pursuit to prevent information loss and enhance global access to humanity’s software commons, we are actively constructing an international network of mirrors. A mirror, within this context, represents a comprehensive duplicate of the Software Heritage universal source code archive. These mirrors operate in agreement with, yet independently from, the Software Heritage organization.

A collaborative effort

© ENEA – Agenzia nazionale

ENEA has always been at the forefront of public service and technological advancements. ENEA’s mirror is located at its Bologna Center, a hub of innovation and research. This strategic placement further enhances the accessibility and reach of the mirror, serving as a focal point for researchers, developers, and technology enthusiasts across Italy and worldwide.

ENEA’s mirror operates in close collaboration with the Software Heritage organization while maintaining its independence. ENEA ensures the seamless replication of the Software Heritage universal source code archive.

© Marcello Artioli

The journey ahead

ENEA’s successful establishment of its mirror serves as an invitation for other institutions, organizations, and stakeholders to join the Software Heritage Mirror Network. By expanding this network, we create a robust and distributed infrastructure capable of withstanding information loss and promoting global accessibility to our collective software heritage.

Join us in celebrating ENEA’s mirror and its invaluable contribution to the Software Heritage Mirror Network. Together, we will continue to safeguard the past, empower the present, and shape the future of software development and innovation.

December 14, 2023