April 25, 2024

Join the session “Infrastructures for Research Software: Moving toward adoption”

We are pleased to announce that a dedicated session called “Infrastructures for Research Software: Moving toward adoption” will be part of the Research Data Alliance (RDA) P22 plenary, online. 

ℹ️  This session will occur on Wednesday, May 15th, 2024 at 14:00 UTC. 

🔁  A repeat session is planned on May 22nd at 22:30 UTC.

📝  To register, please visit the RDA P22 event page, where you can also view the full agenda for the session.

The RDA’s mission is to build the social and technical bridges that enable that vision, accomplished through the creation, adoption and use of the social, organizational, and technical infrastructure needed to reduce barriers to data sharing and exchange.

Why Participate? Who’s the target audience? 

This session is tailored for repository managers, software project owners, archivists and librarians, and researchers involved in software development and curation. It will be an excellent opportunity to:

  • Learn about various tools and infrastructures that support the research software lifecycle.
  • Discuss and develop strategies to improve the use and recognition of research software.
  • Contribute to the broader adoption and development of open science practices.

We look forward to welcoming you to this informative and collaborative session at RDA P22. Join us in shaping the future of research software management and preservation!

Session Highlights

In this meeting, we will explore different infrastructures, tools and bridges that support researchers on their quest to submit their software as first class outputs.  Our primary focus will be on the critical importance of building bridges between infrastructures and communities. The demonstrations at the session will include:

  • Software Heritage: Archiving any code easily 
  • InvenioRDM by CERN: The scholarly repository platform behind Zenodo, facilitating research software submissions.
  • HAL & Episciences: Showcasing France’s integrated workflow from submission to open access publication.
  • SwMath: Connecting software tools with publications within the mathematics community.

Interactive Segment

Following the demonstrations, the session will feature an interactive activity titled “Adoption of Infrastructures for Research Software,” where participants will explore how to bring these infrastructures into their own communities. 

👉👉👉 Register now on the RDA P22 event page!

April 25, 2024