May 31, 2024

The Archives and Libraries Interest Group welcomes CRKN members

With great pleasure, we announce that the Canadian Research Knowledge Network – Réseau canadien de documentation pour la recherche (CRKN-RCDR) is partnering with Software Heritage by way of the fifth funding cycle of the Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services (SCOSS). We welcome the CRKN members who have already committed to support with their financial contribution to the long-term mission of Software Heritage:

Through CRKN, these members gain access to the ALIG Membership Program, and CRKN will represent their interests at the Software Heritage annual sponsor meeting.

“Preservation of source code is essential to our collective cultural and digital heritage,” said Clare Appavoo, Executive Director of CRKN. “Recognizing this, and valuing the vital role that it has, CRKN Members are delighted to support Software Heritage through the SCOSS initiative. We look forward to building this partnership and the impact it will have on the scholarly ecosystem.” 

This partnership is part of CRKN’s active support of Open Science and Open infrastructures. Software Heritage, participating as an Open Infrastructure in the fifth funding cycle of the Global Sustainability Coalition for Open Science Services (SCOSS), is committed to serving the scholarly ecosystem and research libraries by providing long-term preservation and persistent identification of research software source code.

In light of the growing importance of open-source software in research, the collaboration between scholarly and research organizations and open infrastructures has never been more crucial in achieving sustainable access to global research.

CRKN’s commitment to advancing open science and preserving scholarly outputs aligns seamlessly with the vision of Software Heritage. By joining the ALIG network, CRKN engages with supporting unfettered access, reference, and citation of software source code produced by academic research. Their participation further strengthens the collective effort towards building a universal source code archive that benefits the entire scholarly community.

We are grateful to welcome the Canadian ResearchKnowledge Network (CRKN) and its new members of the ALIG for their support. 

Learn more about our ALIG membership program.

About Canadian Research Knowledge Network

The Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) empowers its member organizations and the diverse communities they serve with greater access to the world’s research and Canada’s preserved documentary heritage, now and for future generations. CRKN represents its membership in large-scale licensing and content acquisition activities, collaborates to expand and enrich the digital knowledge ecosystem in Canada and the world, advocates for fair and sustainable access to public research and content, supports the digital infrastructure required to preserve and access critical Canadian content, and mobilizes its membership to transform scholarly communications in Canada.


May 31, 2024