July 22, 2021

Archiving the Maven ecosystem

As announced here before, we received a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to support contributions from experts that want to help increase the coverage of the Software Heritage archive. After a first subgrant awarded to Cottage Labs, a second one awarded to Stefan Sperling,  a third awarded to Octobus, and a fourth subgrant to OCamlPro, today we are delighted to announce that a fifth subgrant has been awarded to Castalia Solutions.

Castalia Solutions will be developing the Maven Repositories connector to archive the Maven ecosystem. This will enable the identification and retrieval of source code from Maven repositories, parsing POMs to follow the Maven graph, and linking artifacts to their development place and original source code development repository.

Using the Maven connector the Software Heritage archive will be able to access millions of artifacts from the major repositories: Central, Spring, Atlassian, JBoss.

You too can contribute to Software Heritage’s mission! If you want to get involved just fill this simple form to start the process!

July 22, 2021