August 8, 2023

Software Heritage priorities in the 2023 technical roadmap

Starting from 2021, Software Heritage publishes a technical roadmap that is updated yearly. As is customary for many Open Source projects, this roadmap serves both as a guideline for the development team, and as a means to share with the broader user and contributor community the current priorities.

We are investing more effort into this latter aspect of the roadmap: after the blogpost that unveiled the 2023 adition, a dedicated session was dedicated to it during the last ambassadors plenary meeting, when Benoît Chauvet, software engineering manager at Software Heritage, explained the “why” and the “how” of the 2023 technical roadmap.

A key message from that presentation is that the Software Heritage archive keeps growing both in terms of volume and visibility, and this leads to three main priorities: prepare the infrastructure for growth, increase the resilience of the achive and roll out new features and services.

The 2023 technical roadmap milestones materialize these priorities, as follows.

Prepare the infrastructure for growth

Increase resilience and coverage

New features and services

Doing all this is not an easy task: we are deeply grateful to the sponsors that support our work that provide us the key resources, to the many contributors that help with the technical development, to the ambassadors that help build awareness of the mission, and the broader community.

You too can contribute to the mission of Software Heritage: by becoming a sponsor, tackling scientific challenges through participation in research activities, contributing code to the open source infrastructure the archive, spreading the word by becoming an ambassador, or even by a simple donation.

Whether you’re an individual, a company, or an institution, your support can make a difference in preserving and providing access to humankind’s software heritage. Join us in this vital endeavour!

August 8, 2023