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We are actively seeking contributions from institutions, foundations, corporations, and individuals that wish to substantially support our mission. Software Heritage will officially acknowledge your donation, by various means, according to your sponsorship level.

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Sponsorship levels

There are four sponsorship levels, providing different benefits according to the amount donated. Donations will be coordinated with the Software Heritage fundraising team that you can reach at or using the contact form at the bottom of this page.

  • Donation level: ≥ 100k€/year
  • Your logo (max size: 400×180) on our sponsor page with link
    • logo located in top section of page, double-column row, rotating placement
  • Software Heritage Platinum sponsor logo for your site
  • Joint press release with Software Heritage
  • Donation level: ≥ 50k€/year
  • Your logo (max size: 220×100) on our sponsor page with link
    • logo located in upper-middle section of page, triple-column row, alphabetical placement
  • Software Heritage Gold sponsor logo for your site
  • Personalized quote for your press release and mention in the next Software Heritage press release
  • Donation level: ≥ 25k€/year
  • Your logo (max size: 150×70) on our sponsor page with link
    • logo located in lower-middle section of page, shared row, alphabetical placement
  • Software Heritage Silver sponsor logo for your site
  • Mention in the next periodic Software Heritage sponsor announcement
  • Donation level: ≥ 10k€/year
  • Text mention on our sponsor page with link
    • mention located in lower section of page, shared row, alphabetical placement
  • Software Heritage Bronze sponsor logo for your site
  • Mention in the next periodic Software Heritage sponsor announcement

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I sponsor Software Heritage?

Software Heritage has the stated goal of building the universal archive of all available software source code, preserving the precious knowledge it contains and making it widely accessible.

This task is for paramount importance for our culture, our industry, our science, our society as a whole. To set up and operate the archive that Software Heritage is building, we need to provision storage, compute and  network ressources, as well develop software and standards, foster the emergence of a broad community of contributors and interconnect with partners all over the globe.

By sponsoring Software Heritage you show your support for this ambitious and universal mission and help sustain its operation. You also show that you care for Open Source software, which is specially in need of a safe place where it can be properly archived and retrieved, placing it beyond the reach of the accidents that have already endangered well known software repositories.

Where will my sponsorship funds go?

Software Heritage has already retrieved, indexed and preserved the largest collection of software source code in the world, with more than 6 billions unique source files, that fill up hundreds of terabytes of storage. But this is only the beginning: the storage, compute and bandwidth needs will increase regularly with the size of the archive.

Besides the cost of operating this growing infrastructure, we also need to support significant software development efforts in order to provide the basic functionalities that will allow to build a variety of applications on top of Software Heritage.

We also need to set up and run several working groups that will make the technology base of Software Heritage stay aligned with the state of the art.

We also have the normal business operating expenses which go with any organization.

Last, but not least, our mission is a very long term one:  for this, a significant effort is needed, especially at the beginning, to collect the funds needed to bring the infrastructure to maturity, and ensure long term sustainability of its operations, for example by establishing an endowment fund.

Your support will allow Software Heritage to meet these expenses and accelerate the expansion of the software archive.

Is Software Heritage a nonprofit project?

Software Heritage is a nonprofit project currently hosted by Inria, a French national public research institution. The project will soon transition to an independent, nonprofit charitable organizationYour donations might provide significant tax-deduction benefits, depending on your location.

I'd like to talk to someone about supporting your work!

If you would like more information about supporting the Software Heritage missionor  if you are interested in donating an amount different from the ones available in the Sponsor program, please contact our sponsorship team (

How do sponsorship renewals happen?

Your sponsorship will run for one year after the date of receipt of payment. For this period, we shall display your logo on our Sponsors page. 

Two months before the end of your sponsorship, we will contact you requesting renewal. If renewal has not occurred by the renewal date of the sponsorship, we may remove the sponsor’s logo from the Sponsor page.

Can I just make a one-time donation?

Sure you can! If you are interested in making a one time donation, or donating an amount different from the ones available in the Sponsor program, please contact our sponsorship team (

Become a sponsor

To get in touch with us about becoming a sponsor you can email our sponsorship team at or leave a message using the contact form below. We will get back to you!

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This page includes modified content from the Apache Software Foundation sponsorship program, which is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.