June 6, 2024

Presenting SWHIDs at PIDfest 2024

Software Heritage at PIDFest: The Conference on Persistent Identifiers!

We are delighted to share that Miguel Colom, senior researcher at Centre Borelli, ENS Paris-Saclay, will be presenting SWHID at PIDFest, the conference on persistent identifiers. Morane Gruenpeter, Head of Open Science at Software Heritage, will be joining it online.

Session Overview:

In the vast landscape of software development, ensuring the integrity and traceability of source code artifacts is paramount. Enter the Software Hash Identifier (SWHID), a pioneering solution designed to uniquely identify software source code artifacts— such as files, trees, commits, and more — with intrinsic persistence and reliability. Software Heritage, the universal source code archive, computes and presents SWHIDs to each artifact in the unified and open infrastructure. The mission of Software Heritage is to collect, preserve, and share the source code of all publicly available software. A defining characteristic of any SWHID is its intrinsic core identifier, computed directly from the object itself, without reliance on any third party.

Join us for an overview session where we delve into the SWHID’s characteristics, intimately bound to the designated object. They do not need a registry, only an agreement on a standard. We will explore existing use cases and advantages for identifying digital artifacts with decentralized and cryptographically strong identifiers. One particular use case, is the usage of the SWHID in publication workflows where source code artifacts are submitted alongside articles, demonstrated on the IPOL journal.

Furthermore, we will discuss the latest developments from the SWHID Working Group, including insights into the SWHID v1.1 specifications. This will include a detailed exploration of key updates and the path forward toward standardization.

🔗 PIDFest 2024 will take place next Tuesday, June 11th, and our session will be held at 15:30. Register now:

Join us at PIDFest to discover the SWHID, an intrinsic and persistent identifier used in the scholarly ecosystem!

June 6, 2024