Gitorious content is safe thanks to the Archive Team

When we started Software Heritage we did not expect that publicly available source code was going to be endangered so quickly. Among other major source code hosters, Gitorious was already being taken down in mid 2015, before our initial infrastructure was ready! Luckily fellow hackers of the Archive Team were already working full speed, and they managed to […]

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Releasing our own source code, Free as in Freedom

Today we release all of our own source code as Free/Open Source Software. As we’re posting this, our fellow engineer Nicolas “olasd” Dandrimont is addressing the DebConf16 attendees with the first technical talk about Software Heritage since we went public. You can find more information about the talk on the event page as well as watch it live. To accompany […]

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Software Heritage is now open, please come in!

Source code is special: it’s executable knowledge that is meant to be human readable, by design. Software Heritage is an ambitious initiative that aims at collecting, organizing, preserving and sharing all the source code publicly available in the world. We decided to undertake this ambitious task because software is our heritage, because software is essential for […]

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