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The Software Heritage archive will serve the needs of the many, from cultural institutions to scientists and industries. Everyone can help us achieving these ambitious goals and there are several ways to help.

Become a sponsor

Pursuing our roadmap for the archive requires significant resources. We welcome companies, institutions, and individuals who would like to join our sponsorship program and sustain the Software Heritage project.

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Tackle scientific challenges

Building, maintaining, and exploiting the universal source code archive poses relevant scientific challenges. We welcome scientists who would like to contribute to this mission by participating in our research activities.

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Code with us

All the software we develop ourselves is open source. We welcome contributors that are willing to delve into it and help us building the many components that are needed to make the archive progress towards the next milestones.

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Host a mirror

Institutions and companies from all around the world are welcome to join our mirror program. This is essential to prevent information loss, and will greatly simplify access to humankind’s software heritage.                                                                               

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Help us unlock the next levels

Additional functionalities of the Software Heritage archive are in the works. Here are some of the items on our roadmap:

Increase coverage

In terms of what is in the archive… we just got started. We plan to track many more software projects and development forges, as well as enable people to directly submit URLs of missing projects that should be archived.

Provenance information

All archived content is timestamped at retrieval time and associated with where we found it (its origin). We are working on exposing provenance information as it is useful for a wealth of different applications.

Source code indexing and search

We are building the largest source code archive ever conceived. To allow people to exploit it fully we are working on source code indexing aFnFd full-text search. To deliver at this scale a number of challenges will need to be overcome though.