5 Years Anniversary


Held on November 30th 2021 at the UNESCO headquarters and at the Inria research center.

Software is all around us: it powers our industry, fuels innovation, supports scientific research and lies at the heart of our societies. 

The Software Heritage project, launched in 2016 by Inria (France), aims at collecting, preserving, and making readily available the source code of all software ever written, building an essential infrastructure at the service of cultural heritage, digital development, science, industry, and society as a whole. 

On April 3rd, 2017, a landmark partnership agreement was signed between UNESCO and Inria to establish a framework for collaboration on preserving the knowledge embedded in software source code, and making it widely available, centered around the ongoing development of the Software Heritage archive.

On the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the project, this event is an opportunity to take stock of the achievements and status of the project, and to highlight the relevance of its mission in the context of today’s dynamic digital innovation landscape. 

Five-years of Software Heritage in five minutes


The morning event is a plenary session at the UNESCO headquarters.

The afternoon event is a community meetup at the Inria research center between the Software Heritage team and all the contributors, collaborators and ambassadors.

To watch the full playlist of the plenary and community meetup click here.

9.30 Plenary session

During the plenary session, three major dimensions of relevance to the Software Heritage archive were discussed:

  1. Open science: presenting the Open Science recommendation adopted during the 41st session of the UNESCO General Conference, the French second national plan on Open science and the actions of the Europeen Open Science cloud association 
  2. Preservation, Culture and Education: the role for culture preservation and digital skills education
    • Announcing the Software Stories application prototype
  3. Innovation for industry and administration with two panels

Welcome address

Software and Open Science

Preservation, Culture and Education

Innovation for industry and administration

Community meetup at Inria Paris

The SWH team has hosted the different partners, contributors, collaborators and ambassadors for the first SWH community meetup during the SWH5YEARS celebration.

A year in review activity by Morane Gruenpeter (available here) was distributed and a developers communication discussion was conducted with the dev team.

At 15.45 CET we gathered for an hybrid event with the following SWH community presentations:

Special thanks

We would like to thank the following organizations and individuals for their contributions to the Software Heritage archive and for being part of our fifth anniversary.

Contributors and grants

The Software Heritage community at the SWH5YEARS event

© Inria / Photo B. Fourrier